Want Free Advertising At MacVillage? Design A Good Web Site

MacVillage, the newly designed and launched Mac OS based portal, wants to host your web site. Better yet, they want to advertise it for you. MacVillage has announced a contest awarding any site launched at their web site in September with the most page views free advertising on the MacVillage front page. According to MacVillage:

MacVillage.net today announced a contest for all current and future MacVillage.net Members. MacVillage.net offers free www.yourname.macvillage.net web sites with 20MB of web space. To promote growth of this new service, MacVillage.net is running the following contest:

MacVillage.net will select the top 5 web sites (judged by page views) in the month of September and award each winner 5,000 ad impressions on the MacVillage.net portal service.

This contest is open to any site (shareware developers welcome) provided that the site abides by the Terms of Service.

Winning sites must reply to email within 72 hours and provide a banner (468X60 12Kb or less GIF or JPG format). Banner will be linked to winning web page only (prize is non-transferable). Any site found trying to create false page views will be removed from the service. MacVillage.net reserves the right to alter the rules at any time or to cancel the contest. Final decision is the sole choice of MacVillage.net. Winners will be announced early in October.

You can find more information and contest rules at the MacVillage web site.