Want One Of The New Macs? Look In Germany

Trying to find one of the new iMacs or MP G4s? If you are having a hard time, you are not alone. You are also not living in Germany, apparently. According to the German Mac site, MacGadget, there are iMacs and G4s aplenty, with new shipments arriving every day. According to MacGadget:

While Apple seems to have problems with delivering the new Power Mac G4 and the new iMac in the needed quantities in the US, there are no similar problems in the German market, says MacGadget, a leading German Mac News Service (www.macgadget.de), in a report today.

The Power Mac G4 and the iMac (except the 350 MHz model) are available nationwide in sufficient quantities. Additional Apple shipments from the manufacturing plant at Cork, Ireland, are expected to arrive this week and should secure the availability of current Mac models - including PowerBooks and iBooks - for the coming weeks. The 15 inch Studio Display should be available by end of the week. The Power Mac G4 Cube is expected to arrive in Germany during the 33. calendar week and the low-end, $799 iMac should be available starting mid-september, sources told MacGadget.

You can find more information at the MacGadget web site.