Want The Scoop On The Snow iMac?

While the new iMac color, Snow, is receiving mixed reviews from the Mac Web and the popular press at large, the performance of Appleis latest offering is being universally praised. The latest to cover the Snow iMac is CNet, awarding the new iMac a rating of 9/10. According to CNet:

In terms of performance, the 500-MHz G3 scales up nicely from the 400-MHz version. The internal components are otherwise nearly identical. They include an ATI Rage 128 Pro graphics chip with 8MB of SDRAM and 2X AGP; a 100-MHz system bus; two FireWire ports; two USB ports; an internal 56k modem; a 10/100BaseT Ethernet port; an AirPort wireless networking module connector; and a standard VGA port for plugging in a second monitor. CNET Labsi tests put the iMac DV Special Edition almost on a par with the PowerMac G4/500 (the original model, with a single chip).

You can find the full article at the CNet web site.