Want To See Fight Club Web Site On Your Mac? Use Netscape, IE Not Wanted [Updated]

Update: As noted by Observer Jon in the comments, and other Observers who wrote in, the Fight Club site apparently works just fine with Internet Explorer 5.2 in Mac OS X, When tested by TMO with version 5.1, which we originally did, we got the message quoted below.


In a world where discrimination in the computer world is usually against non-Microsoft technology and products, we found it interesting to note that the Fight Club Web site eschews Internet Explorer in favor of Netscape. If you visit http://www.foxmovies.com/fightclub/ with IE on the Mac, youill get a note saying, "you need Netscape Navigator to see this site on the Mac." Interestingly, you can see the site just fine with OmniWeb. We were also able to visit the site with Mozilla 1.0 and 1.1a.