Wanted Dead or Alive: Dell Offers US$100 Bounty On iPods

Dell wants your iPod, and itis willing to pay you cold, hard cash for it. Dell is offering what amounts to a trade-in program designed to entice iPod owners to go Dell. The company is offering a US$100 rebate to people who buy a 15 GB Dell DJ music player and trade in their 15 GB iPods. Dellis verbiage is specifically aimed at users whose iPod batteries are expiring. From Dellis Web site:

Get a DJ15 for only $99 after $100 mail in rebate and submission of your old iPod ($199 before rebate)!

Is your iPod battery starting to fade? Before you pay for a replacement battery for your same old device, consider upgrading to a brand new Dell 15GB1 DJ with MORE THAN DOUBLE the battery life (as of 06/30/04; check Web sites for current information) for just $99 after $100 mail-in rebate ($199 before rebate).

The rebate works as follows. You must first order a 15 GB Dell DJ. Once you get the Dell DJ, Dell customers will have to fill out a rebate form, and send that, along with their 15 GB iPod, to Dell. Dellis site also notes that the Dell DJ must be ordered through the rebate information page. You can find more information at Dellis Site.