Wanted To Tango But Reticlinear Motion Ensued

Yves Pelletier is now shipping a new science app, Rectilinear Motion 1.0. Rectilinear Motion is a math utility designed for physics equations and problem solving, using velocity path animation. According to Yves Pelletier

YP Rectilinear Motion 1.0 is targeted toward physics teachers and physics students. It allows the user to plot a graph of velocity as a function of time with simple mouse clicks. The program uses this graph to build a graph of position vs time, and a graph of acceleration vs time, which are displayed in separate windows. The motion described by these 3 plots can be simulated. During the simulation, 3 vectors can be displayed in the animation window (position, velocity and acceleration), and the tangent line can be drawn in the position and velocity graphs.

You can find more information about Rectilinear Motion1.0 at the Yves Pelletier Web site. Rectilinear Motion is available for US$20.00.