Wash. Examiner: Steve Jobs a "Bully" in Suing Think Secret

In a short and curt editorial, the Washington Examiner blasted Apple Computer and its Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs Wednesday, saying he was a "bully" for suing a Mac news site that broke details last month of the yet-to-be-released Mac mini.

Under the headline "Bully" with a photo of Mr. Jobs next to it, the Examiner chastised the company co-founder and Apple saying, "next time Apple execs complain about the cost of class-action lawsuits -- like those filed last year over iPod battery problems -- theyill know why nobody cares.

"Apple thinks lawsuits are fine as long as they are the ones doing the bullying."

The entire editorial is not on the Examineris Web site, but was obtained by The Mac Observer.

Apple filed suit on January 5th against Think Secret.com and its owner, Nicholas Ciarelli, for divulging details of the Mac mini some two weeks before it was announced on January 11. Appleis lawsuit alleges ThinkSecret.com "solicited information about unreleased Apple products" and is seeking monetary damages and information about sources used in the story.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is nothing but a legal "bully", as far as the Washington Examiner newspaper is concerned.

On January 20, Mr. Ciarelli announced he will be defended by Terry Gross, of the San Francisco-based firm Gross & Belsky. Mr. Gross says he plans to file a motion asking a judge to immediately dismiss the lawsuit on the grounds that Think Secretis reporting is protected by the First Amendment.