Washington Apple Pi Computer Sale Around The Corner

The Washington Apple Pi user group is getting ready to hold their annual computer sale. Scheduled for December 9th in Norther Virginia, the WAP computer sale is a great place to unload old equipment or pick up new stuff for your Mac. According to the Washington Apple Pi group:

The premier Macintosh Computer Show and Sale in the Northeastern U-S comes to Northern Virginia Community Collegeis Annandale Campus (8333 Little River Turnpike) December 9th.

"This is the best place for all Mac enthusiasts to find holiday bargains," says Washington Apple Pi (WAP) President Lorin Evans. "Weill even fix your sick Mac or install memory or a hard drive youive purchased at the sale for a donation to the club."

The event runs from 9am to 2pm in the Gymnasium. Vendor tables are available. There is a small admission fee. Discount coupons are available on-line at www.wap.org.

You can find more information at the Washington Apple Pi user group web site.