Washington Apple Pi Delivers 25 Refurb Macs To Families In DC

This Christmas, Washington Apple Pi handed out 25 refurbished Macs to families in the Washington DC area. The computers were donated from a variety of sources, and refurbished by some of the many members of Washington Apple Pi (WAP). WAP is a Mac User Group based in Washington DC. According to WAP:

25 families in the Washington, DC area will be receiving a holiday gift they may have never thought possible - a newly refurbished Macintosh computer. Washington Apple Pi, the largest, and one of the oldest user groups in the US made it all possible through its Computer Reclamation Project. "We started this project many years ago for two reasons," says WAP President Lorin Evans. "First, to help those who might not be able to get a computer to have one. Secondly, to recycle these Macs to ensure they continue to give years of valuable service."

This week, WAP distributed 25 complete computer set-ups to organizations in the DC area. Those organizations will make sure the computers go to families that donit have computers. "This is just one example of our on-going Reclamation Project," says Evans. "Our volunteers spend many, many hours recycling all varieties of Macintoshes- and returning them to the community." WAP has even sent computers to needy organizations overseas.

For more information about the WAP Reclamation Project, contact Washington Apple Pi at (301)-984-0300 (M-W-FR) or by e-mail to office@wap.org.

The Mac Observer salutes WAP for this effort! You can find more information about WAP at their Web site.