Washington Apple Pi MUG To Have Booth At Digital Edge Expo

The Washington Apple Pi will be having a booth at the NBC 4 Digital Edge Expo 2001. The Expo starts this weekend, and the MUG will be showing Appleis hardware and offering attendees information on using a Mac. From Washington Apple Pi:

Washington Apple Pi user group will have a booth at the NBC 4 Digital Edge Expo 2001, to be held at the Washington, DC Convention Center Saturday, August 25, and Sunday, August 26, from 9 AM to 5 PM each day.

Washington Apple Pi is one of the oldest, as well as the largest, Macintosh Computer User Groups in the United States. One of its major goals is to help recycle computers back into the community as a way of bridging the so-called "Digital Divide". At the show Washington Apple Pi will provide Macintosh equipment running the latest software, showing iTunes, iMovie, iTools, integration of graphics and text, practical information on digital cameras both still and video, scanners, printers, Web page creation and more. The group will also have information on how the family can better utilize the computer for homework and tips and tricks for teachers on using computers in the classroom. We will have a direct Internet connection.

Washington Apple Piis booth will be on the second floor of the Convention Center, booth number 900 in Hall B. The Convention Center is located at 900 9th Street NW in Washington, DC; admission is free. There is convenient access via Metro Center or Gallery Place-Chinatown subway stations.

Washington Apple Pi
12022 Parklawn Dr
Rockville, MD 20852
E-mail: office@wap.org
Web: http://www.wap.org/info

You can find more information on Washington Apple Pi at the organizationis Web site.