Washington MUG Offering Summer Camps

The Washington Apple Pi MUG will be offering Mac based summer camps starting July 8th. The camps are available for both teen and adults, and will feature emphasis on digital imaging and video, and publication and Web design. The camps are full week courses with a hands-on approach to learning. According to The Washington Apple Pi:

Summer Camp is IN at Washington Apple Pi. Director and teacher Pat Fauquet says the Macintosh User Group will be offering camps for both teens and adults this summer at its Rockville, Maryland offices.


The "Teen Photo and Video Camp" will be offered the week of July 8th from 9am to 5pm. The emphasis will be on digital still photography and digital video. Campers will use digital cameras, video cameras and scanners to make slide shows, videos, QuickTime videos, video CDs and DVDs. OS X will be the OS of choice for all camps.

The second Teen Camp will be held the week of July 22nd with an emphasis on publication and Web design. Campers will learn how to make flyers, invitations, banners, newsletters, greeting cards, scrapbooks and Web pages to convey their message. Special emphasis will be given to composition, the audience and new technologies.


Similar camps will be offered in two sessions for adults.

The "Adult Photo and Video Camp" will be held the week of June 17th. The second session the week of August 5th.

As with the Teen Camps, adult campers will use digital cameras, video cameras and scanners to make slide shows, videos, QuickTime videos, video CDs and DVDs. They will use iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adaptec Toast and Jam and other software to produce and edit their projects. In addition to post-production work, composition, lighting and sound will be emphasized.

Adults interested in learning more about publication and Web design will want to attend one of these camps. Session 1 will be held from June 24 through June 28. Session 2 will be held from July 29 through August 2. According to Fauquet, the emphasis will be on using software such as AppleWorks, Print Explosion, Print Shop, and Adobe GoLive and Acrobat to make projects for print and the Web.

You can find more information about the summer camps at the Washington Apple Pi Web site. Teen camp registration is US$300.00 for WAP members, and US$400.00 for non-members, and the adult camps are US$250.00 for members, and US$350.00 for non-members.

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