Washington Post Reviews 17" PB: Loves The Screen, Hates The Price

More reviews of the Appleis grandiose new PowerBook keep pouring in from mainstream news sources. Over the weekend the Washington Post posted a positive review of the 17" AlBook. What feature did reviewer Rob Pegorano liked most? The drive-in movie-like screen, of course. However, Mr. Pegorano didnit like the price saying:

Three thousand, two hundred and ninety-nine dollars.

Itis impossible to talk about Apple Computeris new 17-inch PowerBook without mentioning the cost. This laptop is a remarkable piece of work, with the biggest screen anybody has ever put into a portable computer, and it carries a price tag to match.

Most people will never spend this much on a computer -- the over-$3,000 price bracket tends to be limited to things like cars and houses. (If you must know, this PowerBook actually costs more than my car.) So I was a little nervous hauling this machine around town.

Mr. Pegorano also finds that the amount of software available for Macs is a bit light for his taste. Read the full review in the Washington Post.