Washington Times: Mac Platform Addictive, Bluetooth "Almost Magical"

Mark Kellner likes his new Mac. Writing for the Washington Times, Mr. Kellner says the Mac platform borders on an addiction. Though never overtly calling himself a Switcher, the article looks at the Mac from the standpoint of someone new to the Mac platform, with Mr. Kellner marveling at the ease of working on the Mac. From the Washington Times:

When does a computing platform border on an addiction? When itis Appleis Macintosh. During the past several weeks, I have discovered even more reasons for keeping a Mac as my primary computer.

The article then goes on to look at how easy it is to work with iSync, iPhoto, and other Mac features. After having called the Mac "addictive," however, Mr. Kellner went on to also call working with Bluetooth on the Mac something "almost magical." From the article:

 One other Mac feature — or, more precisely, implementation — worth discussing is how Apple handles Bluetooth communications. I plugged a Belkin Bluetooth module into a PowerBook, downloaded the Apple software, and within seconds, I was transferring telephone numbers and e-mail addresses from my computer to the T68i phone. Itis almost magical, and it works quite nicely.

Having heard some Bluetooth horror stories from PC users, itis nice to see the technology work here.

Thereis more in the full article, which we consider a good read.