Watching Out for Unplugged Macs

iBook, PowerBook, or MacBook Pro owners all know that you have precious little time available to work when the only power you have is from your battery. If your power supply is disconnected without your knowledge, you can potentially run out of juice at an inopportune time, like in the middle of a file download, or a presentation. UnPlugged from brik software aims to eliminate unwanted electrical surprises by alerting you when your power supply is plugged in or disconnected.

When UnPlugged is running, it displays an alert dialog if your power cord is unplugged from your Mac or from the outlet the adapter is plugged in to. It also displays an alert when your power supply is reconnected and charging your iBook again.

UnPlugged lets you know if your iBook power supply gets disconnected.

UnPlugged is free, and you can download it from the brik software Web site.

If you use Growl, UnPlugged will display its alerts with a Growl alert instead of the standard Mac OS X alert dialog. If you want to learn more about Growl, check out Chris Barylickis take on the utility in his weekly The Slackeris Guide feature at TMO.

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