WaterRoof 1.6 Gains Graphical Log

Hany El Imam has updated his WaterRoof Firewall front end for Mac OS X to version 1.6. The new version ads Web-based graphical log for statistics.

WaterRoof is an IPFW firewall front end for Mac OS X with a easy interface and many options. Features include dynamic rules, bandwidth management, NAT configuration and port redirection, pre-defined rule sets and a wizard for easy configuration. The user can also watch logs and statistics. Rules configurations and network options can be saved and optionally activated at boot time.

WaterRoof Tools

WaterRoof is only a frontend and makes use of system tools. This means that when you have finished configuring/testing your firewall, you can safely delete WaterRoof from your system, without loosing your rules. Bandwidth settings, firewall rules, NAT rules, forwarding, logging and other options will be preserved and activated at boot using launchd, following Apple guidelines.

This means that WaterRoof is quite safe because it does not install a kernel extension or background daemon. The WaterRoof source code is Open Source. WaterRoof can also be used to deeply configure a ipfw firewall/router, using every ipfw option.

WaterRoof 1.6 requires Mac OS X 10.4.2 or later. It is free and Open Source.