Waterfall Soft Releases New Font App And CountDown Update

Waterfall Software has released new app called Granite and an update for CountDown, bringing it to version 2. Granite is a font viewing utility designed for finding and accessing various font types. CountDown is a virtual alarm clock that now features various counting and alarm functions. According to Waterfall Software:

Waterfall Software has revamped itis site and has released a new program, Granite; and has updated itis old app, CountDown, to CountDown 2. Granite is an easy to use application for viewing fonts, and CountDown 2 is a utility that functions like an alarm clock.

Granite is a font viewing utility for anyone wanting to find a font the quickest and fastest way. Granite is very useful in many ways. For example, you can use it to find the perfect font for a document in a word processing application or other. Or, you can use the tools provided to create the perfect logo. With such tools as B,I,U, color controls, and font finding, you can find the best font that suites your creativity.

CountDown is a very useful app that functions as a virtual alarm clock. CountDown has very cool features such as count-down: counting down from a specified number of hours, minutes and seconds. CountDown also features Count-to: a feature to wait until a specified time. CountDown includes features for when the alarm goes off.

You can find more information about the Granite release and the CountDown update at the Waterfall Software Web site. The two apps are available each for US$10.00.