Waterfall Software Shipping iVideo 1.0

Waterfall Software has released a new app for Mac users, iVideo. iVideo is a utility designed for the management of personal movie collections. The app supports numerous file formats and efatures an interface designed after iPhoto. According to Waterfall Software:

Waterfall Software has just released a new, elegant way to manage your movie collection. iVideo keeps movies the same way Appleis iPhoto keeps pictures. With an intuitive user interface, iVideo is definitely something youill want to use a lot.

iVideo makes watching your videos a snap. Simply double-click a movie in the list and hit play. Its that simple. Stop using folders to organize movies, iVideo can create albums on the fly, letting you organize your whole video library. Even create "Smart" Albums, which automatically fill themselves with the movies you choose. Whether you keep home videos, movie trailers, or other videos, iVideo can keep them all separate and organized.

But what if your movies are all different formats? No problem. iVideo supports QuickTime Movies, MPEGs, MP4s, AVIs and even DV Streams. All integrated seamlessly so you wonit be able to tell the difference. Even run your movies full screen.

You can find more information about the iVideo release at the Waterfall Software Web site. iVideo is available for US$16.95.