We Are All Part Of One Big Happy MacVillage

[Editoris Note: The link at the bottom of this article has been corrected.]

A new Macintosh based portal has launched, MacVillage. MacVillage provides the typical array of "portal type" features, such as world and Mac news, weather, a free e-mail address, web space, and an easy way to access relevant information. According to MacVillage:

Robert Accettura of MacVillage.net today announced a new phase in the development of a complete Macintosh Portal. The portal is now assessable via a new internet address (http://www.MacVillage.net).

MacVillage.net opened its doors to beta testers July 20, 2000. Now with its new domain, MacVillage.net has big plans in store for the future. MacVillage.net plans to offer many more features within the next 6 months.

As its name suggests, MacVillage.net is going for a more community-oriented atmosphere. MacVillage.net hopes to build a community of Macintosh Users, and assist them with getting around in what the media wants users to believe is a Wintel world. Mac users can already access the forum and chat, they can get there email.

MacVillage.net is now offering free web sites to all itis users. Users get 20MB of free web space, www.yourname.macvillage.net url, anything@yourname.macvillage.net email, and much more. There is a sitebuilder for those who are not familiar with html, and those who are can use the html editor online, or can use FTP to upload there files to the server. This is free to all members.

About MacVillage.net:
Accettura.com was originally launched in September of 1999 as a software distribution site. MacVillage.net launched in August of 2000 as a new portal web site targeted at Macintosh users. MacVillage.net is the first portal service to offer speech navigation, great news feeds, and excellent tech support.

You can find more information at the MacVillage web site.