We Know Macs Rock, Now Tell The Rest Of The World

Apple Addict Online is back with a revamped site design, and a new feature providing Mac users from across the planet to share stories of their beloved computers. A Mac advocacy site in its purist form, Apple Addict provides information for Mac users everywhere. According to Apple Addict:

Apple Addict Online, www.appleaddict.com, is back and better than ever!Weive worked hard over the last month to build a site easy to use,attractive, and more informative than ever. Our rejuvenated focus is anarea often left empty on the net, Why Mac?

To address this gap in Mac web coverage, weive introduced two new featuresinto our Advocate section. These are The Toolbox and The Profiler.

The first of these, The Toolbox, is a resource driven section dedicated tobringing Mac users across the globe the resources they need to show that theMac is back and the Mac is superior to the competition. Whether it bestudies, surveys, articles, benchmarks, or other info, we aim to have it andprovide it to our users. We are still gathering resources so be sure tocheck back soon.

The second feature is The Profiler. This section is going to be great, butwe need help from users across the globe. Basically, The Profiler featureis going to be a weekly or daily feature detailing a person or organizationthat uses Macs. Each feature will try to explore why Macs are advantageousfor that purpose, why each user chose the Mac, and why they continue to useit. We hope that this feature will convince users of the competition thatmillions of people are using Macs, being productive and enjoying theprocess. We hope that this will grow into a section where a user with anyspecific need can come and find out how Macs are being used to fill thatneed and why they are advantageous. Hopefully, we will have our firstfeature posted tomorrow!

Check out the new design at the Apple Addict web site.