We Like The Old Eudora Better

Brain Sucker Software has updated their handy Eudora utility, Curmudgeonis Eudora Fixer, to version 1.2. This utility gives Eudora 4.x the look at feel, in some cases, of Eudora 3.x, which some users find more appealing. According to Brain Sucker Software:

Brain-Sucker Productions is pleased to announce that Curmudgeonis Eudora Fixer has been upgraded to version 1.2. Its companion application, Eudora Sound Mover, remains at version 1.0.1.

New in this version:
For some reason, the way I checked for version numbers didnit work, and attempting to use it on a copy of Eudora Pro v5.0 failed. This version ought to work.

Speaking of upgrading, an easier way to reset all your icons to the expected values has been added. Eudora upgrading programs expect the resources to be unmodified. Choosing "Reset Changes" from the File menu, or command-clicking the "Apply" button, will move the original icons back so that the upgrader can work.

What is Curmudgeonis Eudora Fixer?
Between version 3.1.3 and version 4.0 of Eudora Pro, the display of the Status column was changed. Instead of letters, such as "S" for "Sent" and "F" for "Forwarded," users saw icons. Some people, the author included, thought that the old way was better.

Curmudgeonis Eudora Fixer can generate icons in the useris preferred typeface, size, and style, and therefore will appear similar to the old-style display. Users may select the old-style or new-style icon for each individual Status category, and can even change the letter used for the items.

Instructions for a simpler (though less flexible) approach to this enhancement, using Eudorais settings, are also included.

Curmudgeonis Eudora Fixer is available as shareware for US$1. You can find more information at the Brain Sucker Software web site.