WeatherPop Gets Improved OS X Reporting

Glucose has released an update for WeatherPop, bringing it to version 1.6.3. WeatherPop is an automatic weather reminder designed to refresh current weather conditions directly to a users menu bar. The update features improved locations reporting in OS X and improved reliability with the National Weather Service. According to Glucose:

Glucose today updated WeatherPop and WeatherPop Advance to version 1.6.3.

WeatherPop 1.6.3is primary new feature is fully multi-threaded operation. Capitalizing on the power of Mac OS X, WeatherPop now retrieves and parses data for all of your locations at the same time, vastly improving the speed of finding new locations and displaying data for existing locations.

This update also improves the reliability of WeatherPop using the National Weather Service source. WeatherPop now retries requests to NWS in order to greatly reduce the number of weather data failures and hiccups. Many more reliability improvements are currently in development for WeatherPop and should be rolled out in a matter of weeks.

You can find more information about the WeatherPop update at the Glucose Web site. WeatherPop 1.6.3 is available as freeware.