WeatherPop Gets Major Update

Glucose has released a major update for WeatherPop, bringing it to version 1.5.1. WeatherPop is an automatic weather reminder designed to refresh current weather conditions directly to a users menu bar. The new version has been created due to an abundance of traffic, now all previous versions are null. According to Glucose:

Glucose today updated WeatherPop and WeatherPop Advance to version 1.5.1. Users of previous versions of WeatherPop must upgrade immediately because all previous versions no longer work.

The new version allows users to select between multiple sources of weather data. The WeatherPop freeware product now only supports US cities utilizing the National Weather Service. This version also corrects a critical performance problem that has affected many users.

We have made these changes because WeatherPop has grown so quickly that it has become necessary to limit the amount of traffic WeatherPop users create. The only way to keep WeatherPop a viable service was to switch the freeware version to use a completely free service until we are able to establish WeatherPop as a viable ibrowseri of all types of weather data from a vast number of sources.

You can find more information about the WeatherPop update at the Glucose Web site. WeatherPop 1.5.1 is available as freeware.