WebAddressBook.com Changes Names, Launches New Services

WebAddressBook.com, the online source for storing and sharing contacts, calendars, to-do lists, and more is now known as JungleMate. The company is now called Norada, but the WebAddressBook.com services will still be available at the JungleMate.com Web site. According to Norada:

Formerly WebAddressBook.com, we are now Norada Corporation, and you can visit our site at www.norada.com. We are a privately owned software development company with clients world-wide. We produce online information management software that provides clients and users with a variety of features not available on competing software.

You are most likely to be familiar with our free service called WebAddressBook.com but after complaints from users that our name was too long, weive renamed our free product JungleMate. Users will still get the same great FREE service and enjoy the features of WebAddressBook.com without losing any of their current information, but now they will get a mate - JungleMate - that is. Our new site is www.junglemate.com and the reason for the change is simple.

We feel our service is akin to being your best mate in the Jungle we call Earth. JungleMate provides you with your email, address book, calendar, files and bookmarks all on the Web so you never have to be without them. JungleMate is reliable, efficient and lets you move effortlessly from one computer to another without losing access to your personal information.

Norada Corporation is also officially launching?their paid service called Solve360. Solve360 is similar to JungleMate but offers users more services. It was designed to benefit organizations and Service Providers as a value add and possible revenue enhancing software.

As with JungleMate, Solve360 is entirely Web based and designed with Web technology. Users never have to fret about carrying around disks and CDis with their files because they have access to them anywhere they have access to the Web!

You can find more information about JungleMate, Solve360, and Norada at the Norada Web site.