WebDesign Plugin MakerUpdate From Rage Software

Rage Software has released a maintenance update for WebDesign Plugin Maker, bringing it to version 1.0d2. The WebDesign Plugin Maker is a plugin creator designed for creating plugins within Rageis own WebDesign utility. The update features OS X improvements and minor bug fixes. According to Rage Software:

Rage Software announced today, the immediate availability of WebDesign Plugin Maker 1.0d2. An update to the visual development environment for creating plugins compatible with Rage Softwareis WebDesign.

WebDesign Plugin maker is a visual development environment that allows users to create an maintain plugins for use with Rage Softwareis WebDesign. The Plugin Maker offers a visual drag and drop interface which makes it extremely easy to create a user interface for your plugin. Each control has controlis behavior. Plugin Maker allows you to first preview or test your plugins and then build them so that they can be used within WebDesign or distributed to other users.

WebDesign plugin maker 1.0d2 bring native support for Mac OS X. It also fixes minor issues with the first development release and improves stability.

You can find more information about WebDesign Plugin Maker at the Rage Software Web site. WebDesign Plugin Maker 1.0d2 is free for users of WebDesign.