WebSTAR Plug-in, MGI, Undergoes Some Changes

PagePlanet Software has announced that they have restructured the availability and pricing policy of their powerful and popular WebSTAR plug-in, MGI. MGI is now only available in the Commerce version, and the pricing for MGI Commerce has been lowered to US$300. According to PagePlanet Software:

PagePlanet Software, Inc. is pleased to announce a new pricing and product offering model effective immediately.

PPS will now sell Modular Gateway Interface (MGI) in its Commerce version only, eliminating the Essentials and Essentials Plus builds. The price for MGI Commerce is also lowered to $300 per copy, down from its previous price of $999.

PPS is doing this for several reasons:

  1. The overwhelming numbers of MGI sold are the Commerce version. MGI Commerce contains every one of the tags, modules and features as found in Essentials and Essentials Plus (plus dozens pf others) making those versions redundant at this price point.

  2. We noticed that WebSTAR is now selling for $399 per copy and we no longer feel that a third-party plug-in to a WebSTAR should sell for more than the server itself.

  3. We want folks who are already committed to other third-party products to add MGI to their stable of available tools. Pricing MGI Commerce at $300 allows virtually anyone to add MGI even if they already have a sizable time and/or financial committment to other products.

You can find more information about MGI at the PagePlanet Software Web site.