WebSTAR Plugin Maker To Donate 50% Of Gross Sales Of MGI To Victims

PagePlanet Software has joined those companies that are donating some aspect of their sales to the victims of the terrorist attacks. PagePlanet is donating 50% of the gross sales (thatis off the top) of Modular Gateway Interface (MGI), a WebSTAR plug-in, to a fund being set up by the New York Fire Department and New York Police Department to aid the families of the firemen and policemen that have been injured or killed during rescue operations in New York. From PagePlanet Software:

We at PagePlanet Software, Inc. will donate fifty percent of all gross sales of Modular Gateway Interface (MGI) to the fund being set up to assist the survivors of the brave fire and police forces who lost their lives in the World Trade Center tragedy.

Between today and 30 September 2001, one-half of all gross sales of MGI will be placed in escrow. Those monies will then be transferred to a fund being established by the New York Fire Department and New York Police Department for the purpose of helping the spouses and children of the Heroes of New York with the financial assistance they will need through the coming years.

Hundreds of the Finest of New York gave their lives in an effort to save innocent people trapped in the burning buildings of the World Trade Center. They gave selflessly in an effort to help strangers while knowing the consequences of their continued presence within those structures.

Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out for all those whose lives are eternally altered by the loss of their loved ones, but we particularly mourn for the souls of those men and women who wore the shield of honor signifying their lifeis work saving the lives of others.

Modular Gateway Interface (MGI) is a plug-in for WebSTAR server on Macintosh and IIS server on NT that allows web site developers to integrate over 100 functions from simple counters to shopping carts with easy-to-use, HTML-style tags. MGI is currently being ported to run in conjunction with Mac OS X/Apache and Linux/Apache with WebStar 5 compatibility upon its final release.

You can find more information on Modular Gateway Interface at PagePlanetis Web site. MGI is priced at US$299.