WebTen Is Dead, Long Live iTools

WebTen was a big deal in its day. Apache for Mac OS, Classic Mac OS in this case, was an important addition to stable of Mac sys admins, and it was only available through WebTen. Along with Mac stalwart WebSTAR, WebTen helped make Macs a very compelling solution for Internet servers, especially when the Internet was first getting on its feet. Tenon Intersystems has announced that WebTen is no more, and the company is officially making iTools 7, which runs on Mac OS X, its replacement.

Tenonis iTools predates Appleis iTools, which Apple has since renamed .Mac. The real iTools, now at version 7, is effectively Apache for Mac OS X, with analysis and administration features that Tenon has added into the system. iTools 7 is being positioned as the companyis sole sever solution, while WebTen for Classic will continue to be available for legacy system owners for a limited time. From Tenon:

Tenon Intersystems announced today that their groundbreaking WebTen was being discontinued. In 1997, Tenon brought a point and click Apache to Mac OS. WebTen, the first and only Apache for Mac OS, was the easiest Apache in the world to set-up and administer. Further, Tenonis breakthrough technology made WebTen five times faster than the popular WebSTAR and even faster than Apache on Linux and Solaris.

Overtime, as Apple introduced and strengthened Mac OS X - their enterprise-quality OS - Tenon turned their attention to making Apache on Appleis new platform robust, easy-to-manage, and full-featured. iTools 7, with built-in logging analysis, separate administration per domain, and Apache 2, was introduced last month as the successor to WebTen.

WebTen will be sold for $99/copy for a very limited time. Tenon recommends WebTen as a way to breathe new life into an older, underutilized Mac or as an Apache learning tool. WebTenis value as a learning tool should not be disregarded: For example, when virtual hosts with password-protected pages are created via Tenonis Web-based point and click interface, actual Apache directives are automatically created; these directives can later be studied by webmasters as tutorial examples.

You can find more information on WebTen ,as well as for iTools 7, at Tenonis Web site.