Web Based OS A Reality Today

Aestiva has announced an upgrade to their revolutionary Web based OS, Aestiva HTML/OS. Aestiva allows Web developers to take advantage of the latest and most powerful Web building features, independent of location or OS. The new version improves the handling of XML based data. According to Aestiva:

Aestiva announces the release of Aestiva HTML/OS 1.8, the latest version of itis Web operating system.

Aestivas Web-based operating system frees designers to do dynamic Web development without complex and cumbersome legacy tools and methods. Aestivais HTML/OS tags, a BASIC-like language placed in HTML pages, enable anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of programming to develop advanced Web sites and Web software.

Version 1.8, Aestivas eighth major upgrade, reflects Aestivais dedication to extending its lead in Web-centric computing (webputing).

Aestivais 1.8 adds support to its claim that webputing is fundamentally superior to technologies tied to hybrid computing models from companies focused on preserving legacy infrastructures.

Aestiva 1.8 includes new tags for processing XML data. But the pearl in the latest edition is Aestivais networking capabilities.

Multiple copies of Aestiva can now be set up in a wide-area network. Once configured, one copy of Aestiva can read and write to files and databases on any other copy on the network without programming. Each copy of Aestiva can even be placed on different kinds of hardware, and can be deployed at shared hosting accounts as well as dedicated site servers.

1.8 also includes "Server Jumping," a feature that allows applications to "switch servers" when users click links that direct them from one copy of Aestiva to another in an Aestiva network. Dynamic Web pages no longer need to reside on the same server. The feature is a breakthrough in distributed-computing thatis integrated into Aestivais OS.

Aestiva webputing breakthroughs open the door to Web-based POS systems, industry-specific Web applications, Web software requiring staging and production servers, multi-server intranets, ASPs requiring high-end scalability and a new generation of software that operates over the Web.

Aestiva HTML/OS is available for US$799. You can find more information at the Aestiva web site.