Web Browsing Screensaver Released

Travis McLeskey has released a new app for Mac users, Web Watch 1.0. Web Watch is a screensaver utility designed for the automatic display of a users favorite Web sites. The app features support for Internet Explorer, Opera, and iCab. According to Travis McLeskey:

Travis McLeskey announces v1.0 of Web Watch, a Mac OS X screen saver that automatically browses the Web.

The module works with the default browser to display a useris favorite Websites when the computer is idle. It avoids disturbing other browser windows and closes its own browser window when deactivated. Web Watch also automatically closes pop-up windows. It works with Internet Explorer, Opera, and iCab.

You can find more information about the Web Watch release at the Xscreensavers Web site. Web Watch 1.0 is available shareware for US$5.00.