Web Confidential 3.5 Release Features Safari Support

Alco Blom and Palm developer Rene Laterveer have released an update for Web Confidential, bringing it to version 3.5. Web Confidential is a utility designed for the storing and management of passwords and registration numbers. The update features Safari and Omni Web support. According to Alco Blom and Rene Laterveer:

Macintosh developer Alco Blom and Palm developer Rene Laterveer announced today the releases of Web Confidential 3.5 for Mac.

Web Confidential is an intuitive, easy-to-use program for managing user IDs, passwords, registration numbers, and the like.

For opening pages containing personal account information at commercial sites, Web Confidential allows you to automatically fill in WWW Forms with user ID and password fields.

The user interface has been enhanced to support a List View and has a handy Type Ahead feature to select password items.

Version 3.5 also adds support for Safari and OmniWeb, allowing you to automatically fill in WWW Forms in these browsers.

You can find more information about the Web Confidential update at the product home page. Web Condidential is available as shareware for US$20.00.

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