Web Confidential Updated

Alco Blom has updated his password manager, Web Confidential, to version 2.2.1. Web Confidential allows users to easily store Internet and Web passwords in one convenient, secure location. The new version adds a "Delete Card" shortcut, and offers several bug fixes. According to Mr. Blom:

Macintosh developer Alco Blom announced today Web Confidential 2.2.1, which fixes minor bugs and adds a shortcut for the Delete Card command.The Macintosh Conduit was updated to 1.2.2. A bug which resulted in duplicate records when synchronizing with more than one computer has been fixed.Although widely imitated, Web Confidential is still the most powerful password manager on the Mac today and is available on three computing platforms (Macintosh, Windows and Palm).New in Web Confidential for Palm 1.2.1:

  • More options to auto lock your passwords.
  • Generate random passwords.
  • Hide the passphrase when it is entered.
  • Beaming of records.
  • Now compatible with entry alternatives like Fitaly Stamp.

Web Confidential is available for US$20. You can find more information at the Web Confidential Web site.