Web Designers: Get Your November 2000 Design Fill

The November 2000 issue of Web Page Design for Designers is now available for your consumption. The monthly publication discusses graphical design for Web designers. According to WPDFD editor, Joe Gillespie:

November 2000 contents

  • Optimising your monitor for Web design
    A Mac set up for print work is not really suitable for Web design at all. Properly adjusted, almost any computer and monitor can be used for Web design and this new article tells all.
  • Logo Design Workshop - Part 2
    In the second part of this series, Joe Gillespie looks at the creative processes involved in designing a logo. Along with a host of tips and techniques, he also explains which are the best software tools for logo design - and why.
  • Mini Review: Web Design Mailing Lists
    There is something that is of much more use to any Web designer than a new piece of software or hardware - information about Web design and the ability to have all your questions answered by a real person - quickly. Thatis what mailing lists are all about. Here is a review of the main contenders!
  • NEW SECTION: Hot New Products
    News of new products and services of interest to Web designers.

The Web Page Design for Designers is free and you can the November issue at Joe Gillespieis Web site.