Web Developers: XMLHttpRequest Object Can Make Your Webpages Dynamic

Web developers, take note: Are you looking for a clean, easy way to dynamically update information on your Web page using XML data without forcing the page to update? Apple may have just what you are looking for.

The XMLHttpRequest Object is a Document Object Model that allows you to create an interactive data exchange object on your Web page. Users can make selections, and the presented information can then change dynamically without a page refresh. This makes for a cleaner looking page and opens all sorts of options for making your pages and sites really stand out.

Hereis some information from Apple:

For years, advanced client-side developers have frequently wanted a clean way to maintain a "connection" with the server so that transactions can occur in the background, and newly updated data gets inserted into the current page. Many have tortured themselves by using techniques such as hidden self-refreshing frames and "faceless" Java applets. In lieu of a W3C standard still under development, the Microsoft-born XMLHttpRequest object fills an important gap that should inspire application development creativity. The feature is a welcome addition to Safari.

There is a lot of technical information in Appleis developer Web page, and an example of how the XMLHttpRequest Object works. You can find more information at Appleis Developeris Web site.