Web Development Platform Updated

Aestiva has announced that their Web development/OS plotform, HTML/OS, has been updated to version 1.9. HTML/OS gives users a full-featured platform for Web site and Web application development. The new version adds improved multi-tasking capabilities, along with a host of other features. According to Aestiva:

Aestiva, L.L.C. announced this week the release of Aestiva HTML/OS 1.9, the latest version of its Web operating and development platform.

Aestiva HTML/OS delivers a single-product solution for advanced Web site and Web software development. It eliminates the need for CGI programming and integration tools such as ASP and ColdFusion. Version 1.9 is the ninth major upgrade for HTML/OS, with 5 years of development behind it.

HTML/OS 1.9 includes new multi-tasking capabilities, improved database cross-platform compatibility and new tools to help developers build Web-based applications. Beginning with version 1.9, Aestiva provides both a development version of HTML/OS (called the professional edition), and a run-time version for running applications built with HTML/OS.

Aestiva HTML/OS offers a complete integrated development environment that includes a built-in Web database. Developers use the product to build web-based products and sites that run anywhere on the Web, even in standard shared hosting accounts.

HTML/OS Professional Edition is available for US$799. You can find more information at the Aestiva Web site.