Web Development Tool Released From WestCiv

WestCiv is now shipping Layout Master 1.1 for Mac users. Layout Master is a Web development tool designed to work with CSS and HTML for simplified Web page creation. The app features drag-and-drop support and property editors for Web page layout. According to WestCiv:

WestCiv software announces the release and immediate availability of Layout Master 1.1 for the Macintosh.

With CSS2, the Web finally got page layout. With Layout Master, the Web gets it right.

While hand-coding both HTML and CSS is relatively simple, when it comes to finely tuned page layouts with numerous positioned elements it can be infuriatingly complex. Getting a page exactly right can take real time and effort.

Enter Layout Master, a specialized tool for working quickly and intuitively with HTML elements and the CSS positioning properties. Using simple drag and drop and powerful properties editors, Layout Master is a complete and affordable solution for developing Web page layouts.

With Layout Master developers can:

  • design flexible layouts using any units, including ems, percentages and pixels
  • edit layouts with sophisticated editors, or drag and drop ease
  • create extremely precise layouts by nudging elements using the arrow keys * align and distribute elements using the kind of alignment editor you would expect in a page layout application
  • add background colors, images and borders to any element
  • easily add HTML, text or image elements to a layout by dragging and dropping
  • edit the appearance properties of a page, including its background color and image
  • configure their own rulers, guides and grid

You can find more information about the Layout Master release at the WestCiv Web site. Layout Master 1.1 is available for US$49.99.