Web Filtering Package Released For German Market

Maki Enterprises has released a German version of Kids GoGoGo 2.7. Kids GoGoGo is a Web filtering software package designed to help parents control what their kids see on the Internet. From Maki Enterprises:

I would like to inform you, that on May 30. 2001 the German Version of Kids GoGoGo has been released and can be downloaded form the Web Site of Maki Enterprises. KidsGoGoGo filters unknown adult-only sites by analogy, as well as known adult sites by database, and is available on any network environment.

How does KidsGoGoGo work?
All you need to do is install KidsGoGoGo in order to protect children from harmful Web sites. KidsGoGoGo filters known or unknown Web contents without slowing down your Web browser. As KidsGoGoGo affects nothing to your network peripherals, you can try filtration ability safely by yourself.

What kind of Web sites will be blocked?
Adult-only site, online casino, drug related information and related links, BBS/chat will be filtered out. People have different idea about harmful Web contents in different countries however, something inappropriate for children, too sexual explicit, morbid taste, acts of atrocity are considered to be filtered out in many countries.

Features of Kids GoGoGo :

  • Filter known adult sites.
  • Filter unknown adult sites by analogy.
  • Prohibitory database of 500000 sites is included.
  • Different from other web filter, Kids GoGoGo does not slow down your web browser or network traffic.
  • Administrator can add prohibitory URL to database.
  • Database is easily updated.
  • Any Swap URL for prohibited site is available.
  • Parents or administrator can set password for the functioning of Kids GoGoGo.
  • Site log of web browser can be recorded.
  • Disable browser by time.
  • Memory requirement is only 1.2 MB. KidsGoGoGo works even on old models.
  • Works on any kind of internet connectivity: Modem, Ethernet, TA/Router, Cable, DSL, Proxy, Intranet etc.
  • Works on all major web browser.
  • Installation, setting and administration are very simple.
  • Block some kind of web search result.

You can find both English and German Web pages for more information. Kids GoGoGo is priced at US$30, including the German version.