Web Host Benchmarking Tool Updated

MaxProg has announced version 1.3.1 of HTTP BenchMark. The Web tool is designed to help SysAdmins test their networks and now adds more functionality and fixes small problems. According to MaxProg:

HTTP BenchMark is an easy-to-use tool for checking Web servers Bandwidth from client side. It can serves several purposes, for example, it allows to compare several web hosting providers in order to know wich one has the best Bandwidth It comes with 10 Web hosting providers URL.

Whatis new?

  • Intranet/Local HTTP servers support.
  • Several bug fixes related to rates calculations.
  • Several bug fixes related to links format.
  • Open Transport errors handling
  • Multiple retries on dropped connections.
  • DraginiDrop to/from address List to/from FInder and Browsers.
  • Files processed/Total files status

HTTP BenchMark is available for free and you can download it, as well as find more information, at MaxProgis home page.