Web Hosting Company Offers 10% Discount To Mac Users

Spaceport Designs, a Web hosting and design company, is offering a 10% discount to Mac users. The company is preparing to launch a Mac how-to database, and is using the promotion to help get some attention for its hosting services and the database. From Spaceport Designs:

Starting December 9th, 2002 and good until January 9th, 2003. Spaceportbar Designs is offering Mac Users 10% off any Service offered by us and one free month of Web site management. This offer is not listed on our Web site and is being offered exclusively for Macintosh users as a way to open up our business to Mac users and to compliment the impending release of MacHowTo.com.

MacHowTo.com will feature a web board and a database of questions and answers to be answered by users. This is called the MacHelp Database. The rebate on web services is to welcome users to MacHowTo.com, which will have the forums live on December 13th, 2002 and the MacHelp Database up in early January. The goal of MacHowTo.com is to provide Mac Users with a free open community where they can get answers to the questions they need without the need of paying a price for reports or for some type of premium account. We believe the spirit of the Macintosh is the willingness of its users to openly communicate, and we hope to nurture that with MacHowTo.com

You can find more information on Spaceport Designs at the companyis Web site.