Web Pages to Go

Even after Appleis iPhone is available, not everyone will have the luxury of owning one. That means that the rest of us will have to find alternative ways of viewing Web sites when we donit have an Internet connection. Cash-strapped souls do have a free alternative built into Safari: Web Archives.

TMOis home page online.

Web Archives are self contained versions of a Web page, complete with text, graphics, animations, and even ads - and they donit require an Internet connection. Hereis how to create one:

  • Launch Safari. Itis in your Applications folder.
  • Go to the Web site you want to archive.
  • Choose File > Save As.
  • Select Web Archive from the Format pop-up menu.
  • Click the Save button.

You can view a Web Archive any time you want, with or without an Internet connection. The downside to Web Archives is that they only contain a single page. If you click a link on the page when you donit have an active Internet connection, youill get an error instead of the page you were hoping to jump to.

The same page as a Web Archive.

When I want to navigate beyond the singe page that Safariis Web Archive offers, I use Adobe Acrobat (not the free Adobe Reader). It typically does a pretty poor job of rendering Web sites, but I can choose to save several levels down into the site instead of just a single page.

Acrobat-saved sites arenit as pretty, but you can save multiple pages.

There are other ways to save Web sites for off-line viewing, too. Feel free to share your favorites as comments.

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