Web Publishing Utility From AppMac

AppMac has released a new app, wData CDML Builder 1.0. wData CDML Builder is a Web publishing utility designed allow users greater functionality with FileMaker Pro by interacting with standard HTML pages. According to AppMac:

AppMac software announce wData CDML Builder 1.0 A new major product for OS 9 and OS X, wData CDML Builder 1.0 helps you to publish FileMaker databases on the Web.

Custom Web Publishing function of FileMaker Pro 5 allows you to customize the appearance of your FileMaker Pro data on the Web. CDML consists of special tags that enable FileMaker Pro to interact with standard HTML pages.

Use wData to win time and develop more quickly you web site with CDML tags. wData allows you to drag and drop CDML tags in your HTML editor and allows you to makeCDML links with assistants.

You can find more information about wData CDML Builder at the AppMac Web site. wData CDML Builder 1.0 is available for US$99.00.