Web Server Suite Takes 50% Price Drop

PagePlanet has announced a price drop for its Modular Gateway Interface product. They sliced it in half. According to PagePlanet:

Though Modular Gateway Interface (MGI) for NT has been selling reasonably well since its introduction in late November of last year, it has not yet taken a foothold. As such, we are having an MGI sale. The price is now half off the regular retail of all versions of MGI for both platforms -- NT and Mac.

Since we introduced MGI into the Mac market almost two years ago, we have found that there is an almost 100 percent correlation between those who have actually tried out MGI and those who have purchased it.

We are convinced that MGI will be the new paradigm in how you construct Web sites. MGI replaces virtually every product you now use on your Web server with simple HTML tags. It has its own built-in database system. It has ODBC hooks. It provides absolute separation between users in multi- hosted environments. It provides every Web function you can imagine. You also get free upgrades in the entire 2.x series and free crossgrades if you wish to change platforms in the future.

If after 30 days of integrating MGI into your Web sites you do not think that it is the best value for the money, we will completely refund your purchase price with no questions asked.

This sale will stay in effect until I am satisfied that folks using NT (and those who want to use MGI for the Mac, but have not yet tried it out) have had the opportunity to do so.

And feel free to call us at anytime to find out anything you need to know. If you have a project that you think MGI may be the solution for, we will walk you through how to use MGI as that solution.

Price goes according to configuration and you can find more information as well as a demo at PagePlanetis site.