Web Site Offers iMac To Help Fight Hunger

Free iMacs are common these days as companies use contests as a way to draw customers to a product. It is refreshing to see, however, that these companies can actually embrace a social consciousness as they do business. A prime example of this is evident in Freeshop.Comis current embrace of "The Hunger Site,", a web site devoted to alleviating the burden of world hunger.

The relationship is a simple one. On arrival at The Hunger Site you are shown a button that alows you to donate free food. Once clicked, the browser takes you to another page that has a number of sponsors listed. These sponsors then pay a rate equal to $5 CPM to The Hunger Site, and the organization redirects funds to impoverished areas of the world. The site is run by GreaterGood.Com which also works for social causes.

Observers who run businesses would be well served to address whether or not association with The Hunger Site would actually be good for business. The statistics quoted on The Hunger Siteis information pages reveal that the site has developed substantial traffic since its inception, and that certainly will not hurt the average business owner. Freestore certainly has made The Hunger Site a priority.

Clickthrough rates on The Hunger Site are well above the national average, with a threefold increase in click-through traffic for the standard advertiser. Currently, each day there are a total of 300,000 to 400,000 contributions made through the site, making the cost to an advertiser for any given day in the range of $1500.

So where does the free iMac come in? Enter through the banner for Freeshop at The Hunger Site, and contest info on how to win an iMac will be there. Kudos to Freeshop for giving back something to the world at large.