Webmasters: Check Out Whistle Blower

James Sentman has announced version 2.1 of Whistle Blower, the enterprise server monitoring and restart utility. The new version adds support for Apple Share Print Services and Carracho servers. According to James Sentman:

Whistle Blower regularly connects to your servers to verify that they are online and responding properly. If a server fails to respond Whistle Blower can notify you via local alerts, email or by sending a page. If you are using a Master Switch from APC or a PowerKey from Sophisticated Circuits Whistle Blower can restart the server without any further intervention from you.

Whistle Blower has verification capabilities that can not only make sure that your Web server is online, but can also verify the return from CGI scripts and Web based databases. With the advanced shift notification features you can be sure that the person who is on duty over the weekend is the one who gets the page, while at the same time ignoring the scheduled downtime of the Sunday night reboot. The Web-based administration allows you to check on or restart your servers from anywhere.

New in Version 2.1:

  • Five new server types added: Apple Share Print Services, Carracho servers, Windows NT Netbios, LetterRIP mailing list server and an AppleScript task that lets you validate the return from any AppleScript.
  • Using this in combination with Program Linking under MacOS9 allows you to check virtually any property of a remote Mac. (A demo for checking disk space on a remote Mac file server is included.)
  • New shift notification system allows you to perform any action according to a shift schedule and select any combination of noncontiguous time intervals.
  • Added support for paging via Easypager.
  • Can now send log events to Sophisticated Circuits iLog utility.
  • The automatically generated status.html page can now be uploaded to a web server via FTP.
  • Administration Web server access can now be limited by IP address.

Whistle Blower is available for US$90, while a Lite version is available for US$49. You can find more information about it at Mr. Sentmanis web site.