Webmasters: Eliminate Broken Links

VSE has updated their autmated web site link checker, VSE Link Tester, to version 3.2. The new version of the link testing "robot" offers improved performance and displays the location of any broken links. According to VSE:

Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) announced today an update to their link checker application VSE Link Tester.

According to a Web usability study by the Georgia Institute of Technology, net users rate broken links as the second-biggest problem online, right behind slow-loading pages.

VSE Link Tester easily finds broken links on web pages. You must only know the URL of your web site to run the fully automated link test.

VSE Link Tester recognizes more than 30 HTML tags containing links, finds links in JavaScript code and in intrinsic events and supports dynamic web sites and user authentication. It also works with offline web sites on your hard disk, tests multiple web sites at once and creates customizable reports.

The new version offers several speed optimizations, displays the location of broken links more concrete and fixes a bug which caused a crash with a few web sites.

VSE Link Tester is available starting at US$34.95. You can find more information at the VSE web site.