Webmasters: Lasso Web Data Engine Updated

Blue World Communications has released Lasso Web Data Engine The free maintenance updates Lasso Web Data Engine to fix minor issues. According to Blue World:

Whatis Fixed

  • FM_Remote_DataSource.mod: An issue where related fields could not be used as search arguments.
  • Java_Adapter.mod (Macintosh Only): A compatibility issue with third party LJAPI modules.

Lasso Web Data Engine is leading cross-platform Web Application Server software allowing Web developers to quickly serve powerful data-driven Web sites. Lassois innovative architecture provides an industry first multi-platform, database-independent and open standards approach to serving database-driven Web sites firmly positioning Lasso technology within the rapidly evolving server-side Web tools market. Lasso technology is used at hundreds of thousands of Web sites worldwide.

Lasso Web Data Engine is available for US$$599 to $1999 (depending on configurations) and you can find more information at the Blue World Communications web site.