Webshots Updates Mac Client

Webshots has just released a new version of their Webshots Desktop for Macintosh, version 2.0PR1. Webshots Desktop allows users to automatically updated their desktop with pictures with help from a Web browser. Users are also able to easily share pictures with other Webshots users. According to Webshots:

Excite@Home and Webshots are pleased to announce the release of Webshots Desktop for Macintosh v2.0 Preview Release 1. This release adds several important features to the product, including hierarchical photo management, image importing, and a web toolbar.

v2.0 for Macintosh will be released to the public in a series of preview releases over the next several months. We have decided to take this route for two reasons -- to deliver new functionality to our users as soon as possible and to allow our users to play a direct role in shaping the development of v2.0. We value your feedback. Please use the feedback form on the Webshots web site to send us your thoughts.

About Webshots Desktop for Macintosh
Webshots Desktop allows you to automatically place an image on your Desktop by selecting from thousands of full-screen color images in categories such as sports, scenics, wildlife, travel, 3D, and more on Webshots.

Any images download from Webshots or imported from your computer are managed by Webshots Desktop with an easy-to-use, hierarchical image management interface. The software includes an automatic Web updater for new versions. You can also share photos with friends and family through the Webshots Community. Future Macintosh versions will include image collections, screen savers, and much, much more!

Webshots Desktop works with your web browser as a helper application. The application itself does not need to be actively running on your computer to function. Simply select an image from the Webshots web site and your web browser will automatically open Webshots Desktop and change your Desktop image. Or, double-click any image within the Webshots Desktop application.

You can find the new release, as well as more information, at the Webshots Web site.