Weevils In Your Cheezy-Poofs? Snak Update Fixes Bugs

The makers of Snak have released a maintenance update for the Snak IRC Client, bringing it to version 4.7.1. The new version fixes several bugs in Snak 4.7. According to Snak:

Snak version 4.7.1 is a bug fix release that improves the handling of low memory situations, fixes a bug when adding servers to a connection profile, a problem that could cause the contacts list to appear empty and several other bugs.

Bug fixes in version 4.7.1:

  • MP3 list is cleared when MP3 table is closed.
  • Contacts list window is no longer forced to front when doing /ignore or /notify.
  • Fixed could not add servers to profile record.
  • Fixed crash when cleaning up in low memory situation.
  • Fixed periodic message when you have someone on notify that has identified for the nick.
  • Fixed using /leave on multiple channels could cause a crash.
  • Fixed using Cmd-J with a profile selected did not preselect the right profile in the join window.
  • Fixed contacts could be set up incorrectly internally which could make the contacts list appear empty.

Version 4.7 integrates the Notify and Ignore functions with the address book to form a unified contacts list. It features fine grained voice assignment if you use the speech functions, supports mIRC style background colors, allows the separation of the various list by dragging the tabs and many other things. It also features a fully rewritten manual, introduces built-in nick completion, improves the way contextual menus work and fixes a lot of bugs..

You can find more information about the update 4.7.1 at the Snak Web site. Snak 4.7.1 is available for registration for US$20.00.