WepTop.com's Web Search Tool For Mac Goes Beta

WebTop.com announced the launch of a Mac beta trial of its Personal Desktop Assistant (PDA), aimed at meeting the needs of the Apple Macintosh community. The WebTop.com PDA allows Mac users to instantly access its search engine from any active window. According to WebTop.com:

Apple Mac users will now be able to download this free search tool which will sit on their desktop until required.

WebTop.com optimises and maximises usersi Web experiences through context-sensitive news and information searches. Rather than launching a browser and then being limited to one or two word key word searches, users can drag text from any application or an entire file and drop it on the PDA icon. The PDA then searches the vast WebTop.com information repository to provide context-specific, relevant results using activiQ technology.

WebTop.com is able to deliver relevant results in a timely manner because of its unique software, activiQ, which is able to intelligently analyse and organise all of the documents in the WebTop.com index. Rather than receiving hundreds of pages of irrelevant results, Web users get results that are:

  • Context sensitive results that match the users needs
  • Intelligent results are organised using an automatic filing capability
  • In the future: personalised results delivered how and when they are needed (i.e. on the usersi cell phone, email, pager, etc.)

Another innovation is WebTop.comis ability to divide the vast resources of the Web into Zones. WebTop.comis Zones are logical grouping of similar results. For example, if the user performs a search on Nokia WAP, they would receive groups of results with documents organised in the Web Zone, more from the companyis website in the Company Zone, as well as breaking news from agency sites within the News Zone.

WebTop is available for free and you can find more information at WebTop.com.