Westlake Announces Deus Ex Multiplayer Patch In Beta Testing

Westlake Interactive updated their Web site today with the announcement that the Deus Ex Macintosh Multiplayer patch has reached the beta stage. After reviewing the PC code Wesltlake received from Ion Storm earlier this week, Westlake made it clear that the changes are not as substantial as might have been expected. This means that the patch will be free.

Deus Ex is a Warren Spectre paranoia fest placing you firmly into a future big brother would have been scared of. This RPG (role playing game) puts you into the role of Denton, a cyber implanted special agent who is forced to unravel a nest of lies as he uncovers the truth about the people he works for. Warren Spectre is known for his well received creation of System Shock many years ago, a "Marathon-esq" type FPRPG (first person RPG) that did not sell well but won the hearts and minds of many gamers.

The Multiplayer patch will be available as a free Download for all owners of Mac Deus Ex. Also, Mac gamers will be able to play against their PC counterparts online without any problems. The patch is expected to be finalized in the next 2-3 weeks so keep your ears open and your mouth shut. These walls have ears, and the phones are tapped....