Westlake Interactive Offers Update On Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2

Ever imagine yourself spinning high in the air before dropping back into a 15i quarter pipe? Riding some pretty insanely designed skate parks? Falling so hard your spine is damaged for life, and yet you just hop back up and keep skating? Well, now you can.

Westlake Interactive updated their project page with an update on Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, a skating game that will drive you insane. The Macintosh version has reached "First Playable," which means it has just reached the point where everything has been stewed together and is now ready for refinement. We have been testing this gem out on a PC for the past few months, and it is curiously addictive fun. Obviously designed with the simplicity of consoles in mind, this game nevertheless plays very nicely on your home computer.

Tony Hawk himself is an avid Macintosh user, and recently showed up in an interview on how the Mac effects his business.